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DAS In The Plymouth Herald!

A group of animal welfare campaigners have challenged Plymouth shoppers to watch footage shot inside slaughterhouses for a minute – and win a vegan cookie.

The Earthlings Experience has been visiting the centres of Exeter, Plymouth and Torquay with it’s “one-minute challenge”.

The group, composed of vegan activists, has gathered footage showing cruelty to animals.

It says the videos were all shot inside UK slaughter-houses in the past year.

Watch the video we use here – 2016 Exposed

All members of Devon Animal Save, the group says it merely wants to alert the public to the conditions animals are kept in as part of the food industry before they end up on humans’ plates.

They say they are advocating a vegan lifestyle and endorsing vegan products.

Paul Seddon, who led the Plymouth event in Old Town Street said: “The videos show what happens to animals that end up on your plate.”

“People said they don’t realise what happens. In general they are receptive.”

Group member Tori Strong said members of the public were interested in what the group was doing and added: “We always get a good response.”

“And we explain the environmental impact too.”

She said the group also organises protests outside abattoirs throughout the South West.

“We stand outside the gates and give the animals a little bit of love” she said.

And Mr Seddon added: “We try and save a few animals if we can. We will buy them, sometimes they give them to us.” Correction: Devon Animal Save do not condone the purchase of animals from farmers or slaughterhouses.

“There are plenty of animals sanctuaries throughout the UK that will then take them.”

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