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DAS Weekly Round-up, 11/3/17 – 17/3/17

Welcome to the first Weekly Round-up for Devon Animal Save, where we quickly recap on events and other goings on from the previous week (Saturday-Friday).

On Saturday a few members went to the first ever Fish Vigil in Penzance; although no boats docked at the harbour on that day, the vigil was seen by local residents and various talks were had. Due to this and other commitments only one outreach stall was run at the weekend, which was at Plymouth on Sunday, where the One Minute Challenge was ran. Various members of the public came and watched footage on both the VR headsets and the laptop, and engaged in discussions with the team, and a visit to McDonalds was made by attendees with some leaflets in hand. A short video of the day can be found here.

On Monday a meeting was held to establish a core admin team for DAS, this was simply to delegate rolls and tasks out so that the running of DAS will become
smoother and more streamlined. To find out more about this please visit Our FaceBook page.

Wednesday and Thursday members attended vigils at Okehampton (15th) and Bodmin (16th). The one at Bodmin was held all day, where lots of trucks came and went, carrying 100’s of cows to slaughter. Lots of footage was gathered and some compassion and final goodbyes was given to those who carriages had stopped for us.

This about wraps up the week. We are currently organizing a car-boot event or two to help raise funds for DAS, if you would like to donate anything for the car-boot then please contact us for more information. Our outreach stalls in Torquay, Exeter, and Pymouth are scheduled for this weekend, if you want to help with these then please come along on the day.

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